Ant Investation Control

Ant Control

Why do you need to control ants?

Ants are natural but they can become a problem if they multiply and breed new colonies too fast, therefore ant control and prevention are very important. If you are having trouble keeping them out of your home and kitchen get professional help. 

Ant control treatment by Get Pest Control will prevent outbreaks for many years. 

Signs of ant investation

  • Inside your home you will see ants and it is pretty obvious! The often come in from outside looking for food and moisture. The best action is to act as soon as you see them and not to leave it a few days or weeks. Once they have establish your home as one of their main feeding sites, they will try and keep coming back, making them more difficult to control.
  • Ants often in wall voids, roof spaces and behind cupboards and you won’t be able to find an entry point. It will take more detective work to find the nest and apply a treatment.
  • Outside signs of ants include piles of dirt and sand appearing between pavers and mounds in the lawn. Getting professional help in treating these areas as soon as you notice them would prevent a possible investiation.

Prevention is the best form of control, so take a proactive approach and contact Get Pest Control today.

How can I control ants?

Ant Control is a difficult job to do. You have to prevent ants from entering your house, which is a very hard task. Many ants do not leave a living nest until they have food and shelter in another location. Therefore, if you wish to prevent an ant problem, you have to stop them from entering and creating a new living space.

Ants do not like heat. So, if you have an ant problem, make sure you keep the windows slightly open or let in some light. This will cause the ants that enter your house to be less active and therefore, less likely to leave any of their nests. If you are not seeing any ants outside, but there are ant trails inside, your main problem is not necessarily ants, but rather the nest they have created.

To fully exterminate an ant problem, you need to both destroy the nests, but you also need to prevent the ants from coming back.

Ant control can be tricky, but it is also not as hard as you might think. You have to watch for their movement, and where they feed. The best form of control is prevention. For the elimination of an existing colony of ants, you must first destroy all the nest sites and then, prevent them from rebuilding the nest.

Connect a Get Pest Control member who will safely and efficiently remove all ants from your premises. 

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