Entomologist Certificate – Pest and Beetle certificate

When do you need a entomologist certificate?

Whenever you buy or sell a property, an entomologist certificate (“EC”) should be obtained. This is simply an inspection of the property to certify that the property is free of wood-destroying insects. An EC is also known as a pest or beetle certificate and must be issued by an entomologist registered with the South African Pest Control Association.

If upon inspection of the property, an infestation is found, Get Pest Control will submit a quotation for work to be performed to eradicate the problem. Once the problem has been attended to, they will issue the EC which will be valid for 3 (three) months.

Get Pest Control is registered with the South African Pest Control Association(SAPCA) and can issue your entomologist certificate (“EC”) certifying that the property is free from wood-destroying insects.

Pest and Beetle certificate

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