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Signs of an Ant infestation:

An ant infestation is not always easy to spot, but here are some signs that you might have an ant problem:

  • Live ants – If you are noticing only a few ants walking around the property it can become a problem quickly because ants use chemicals to notify the rest of their colony wherever there is food available and one ant can turn into many in a short period of time  
  • Sounds coming from inside the walls -An ant invasion might be audible. This is especially true when carpenter ants have taken over your home. Although it could be challenging to tell the difference between an ant infestation and a termite infestation, it is still your best option to call the professionals right away.
  • Finding a nest – You might find an ant nest in your garden or home.

Why do we recommend ant control?

Here are some reasons why we consider ant control essential for your property:

  • Some ant bites can cause excruciating localized pain
  • Some types of ants are venomous.
  • Contamination of livestock products and food is quite common.
  • Some ants can cause a lot of damage to your property and furniture.
  • Invasive ants can lead to a loss of goods.
  • Lack of prompt treatment can lead to a rapid increase in the number of colonies and increase the damage caused by the infestation.

Ant Control Procedure Steps

The steps that professional Pest Control Companies take to solve an ant problem.

Property inspection

Our ant pest control specialist assesses your pest-infested property and examines the location to study the activities of the ants. Before proceeding with our task, we identify the ant species, pheromone trails, nest locations, entry points, colony size, and colony lifetime.

Ant Treatment plan is formulated

We create a customised ant treatment plan based on our inspection. The ant treatment plan consists of all details required for ant pest control tasks and instructions for inhabitants during the treatment. We provide ant treatment to the roofs, garden beds, patios, subfloor spaces, perimeters, and elsewhere based on the infestation location and design of your building.

Ant Pest Control plan is executed

After creating a tailored ant treatment plan, our ant pest control Perth specialists will use:

  • Insecticidal dust
  • Insecticidal sprays
  • Granular ant baits

They will treat the entire property with the ant treatment. The ants will proceed with their usual routine and go over it. The pesticide may take up to a few weeks to start working. This is done on purpose because it enables the ants to carry it to their nest and disseminate it there, harming the queen. Wiping out the entire colony in a single blow!

Tips For Future Prevention

You might not get a long-term solution from a one-time ant pest control service. You must take certain preventative measures to ensure that ants won’t reappear. On the basis of our research and examination, a pest control expert will give you both broad advice and detailed recommendations.

To stop ant infestations in your personal or commercial environment, try some of the following advice:

  • Cracks in the floor and those surrounding windows and doors must be sealed right away.
  • Food items should be kept in airtight containers.
  • Cleaning up any spilt food, beverages, or other edibles after your meal.
  • Pet food should be put away when they are not eating.

Professionally trained in Pest Control Techniques

Get Pest Control partners are Certified members of the SAPCA and utilize personnel trained to AgriSeta standards and are Registered Pest Control Operators with the department of Agriculture ensuring your Family´s and Pets´ safety.

ngs through tiny holes and a rat exterminator can easily find these spaces for you.

They also carry diseases and put your loved ones and colleagues at risk.

Contact your local Johannesburg based SAPCA-accredited pest control company and improve the health and safety of your home or office.

Why Choose a Get Pest Control in Roodepoort for your ant extermination needs?

Below we list some reasons why selecting a vetted Get Pest Control company is the smart choice:

  • Certified and licensed technicians
  • Fast same day or next day service
  • Family and Pet safe pest control procedures
  • Hassle-free, transparent service plan
  • End-to-end process for the optimal control and prevention of ant infestation
  • Timely communication and local pest control specialist
  • An easy-to-understand service plans
  • The process from beginning to end for best ant control and prevention
  • Prompt correspondence and a nearby pest control expert

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