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Termite Control

Termite problems can destroy your home in a very short time. A small hole is all it takes to allow these critters in. Termite damage often occurs due to poor maintenance. As time passes, termite infestations increase exponentially. Some of the common areas where termites thrive include foundations, basements, attics, crawlspaces, in basements under decks, in houses with no foundation, and even in some vehicles. Because they are so quickly resistant to treatment, prevention is the best termite control method.

Termite damage typically produces an oily substance that attracts termites, which makes the whole process difficult. Termite colonies are generally found in soil that is dark and moist, which is exactly what happens during dry summers. Termites can survive for several days without food, so even the slightest presence of these insects can cause significant damage. Termite infestations can also occur in houses with a sub-base or basement because of the lack of proper construction.

What happens next is quite alarming. Once the infestation takes hold, the colony migrates to larger areas, such as in wood supports, attics, crawlspaces, and the exterior of houses. This is when a Termite Pest Service is needed. These exterminators are able to eliminate the entire colony using special baits and treatments.

Termite Sprays

Termite Treatment One of the most effective Termite Pest treatments is the use of Termite Sprays. These sprays are composed of chemicals that kill the termites while at the same time creating a protective environment for the colony. The chemicals used to get rid of termites include Baubles, Liquid Nitrates, Mothballs, and Mud tubes. Baubles is usually the chemical used to put Termite food items into the substrate. This is done to prevent the Termite from moving to another Termite food source.

Termite Inlay

Another effective Termite Pest Control method is called the Termite Inlay. This is where an excavating machine is inserted into the soil beneath the foundation. The machine will create a mesh-like Termite barrier. Then, termites will have a hard time entering or exiting through the barrier. On an annual basis, a Termite inspection will be done to see if the Termite barrier has been successfully maintained.

Heat treatment

Heat Treatment Cost If you choose to use heat treatment, there are two options: electric or manual (with the electric being more expensive) methods. Heat treatment machines are capable of applying Termite poisons at a rate of up to two pounds a day. There is also an option for a manual approach with a Termite trap. However, it should be noted that termites can be very clever and sometimes evade traps. This would result in a Termite heat treatment cost that is greater than the initial price of the Termite repellent.

Prevent termite damage

Termites may be tiny but they can seriously damage your building and the surrounding trees. If you are building a new home or commercial building, have a termite control expert treat the soil with termiticide to avoid future problems. 

Don’t let your termite problem get out of hand! 

Connect a Get Pest Control member who will safely and efficiently remove all termites from your premises. 

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