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Entomologist, Borer and Beetle Certificate across South Africa

Whether you just want peace of mind or you are looking to sell your home you might need a Beetle Certificate. Be sure your home is free of any Wood Borer Insects.  Contact Get Pest Control and one of the licensed pest control specialists will inspect your property and issue an Entomologist Certificate. 

And if we find any Wood Borer insects we will advise you on the best action to take to get rid of them.  Don´t let a Beetle Certificate halt your house sale.

When do you need an EC certificate?

First and foremost we recommend that a routing inspection is done for wood borer insects as they can quickly damage a property and the longer you take to find and exterminate them the more damage they will do to your property.  

Secondly with any sale of a property in South Africa the bank will require a Beetle Certificate to grant a home loan and even if financing is not required most Offers To Purchases in South Africa will have a clause necessitating that a Beetle Certificate is obtained.

What is the purpose of a beetle certificate?

Many homeowners started suffering damage to their homes in the 1940s due to wood borer insects. This led to banks and prospective buyers starting to request a Beetle Certificate to safeguard themselves from any damages that were caused by wood borer insects.

How long is a Beetle Certificate valid?

A beetle certificate is valid for three months from the date of issue.

Pest and Beetle certificate

What insects are normally included in a wood borer certificate?

This will differ by region depending on what insects pose a problem in that region. This will usually be specified in the OTP but normally will include most of these insects:

  • West Indian dry wood termites
  • Brown house borers
  • Italian beetles
  • Common furniture beetles
  • Powder post beetles
  • False furniture beetles
  • Subterranean termites
  • Harvester termites
  • Any wood-destroying organism of economic significance in an accessible area

Professionally trained Beetle Inspectors registered with the SAPCA

Get Pest Control partners are Certified Beetle Inspectors with the SAPCA ensuring the certificate validity.

Areas where we provide Beetle Certificates

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