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Are you looking at selling your house or just want peace of mind that your property is free of Beetles and Other Wood Borer insects? You Need a Beetle Certificate. Contact Get Pest Control in Ballito and one of the licensed pest control specialists will inspect your property and issue an Entomologist Certificate if it is free of all wood borer insects. 

Additionally, they will advise you on the best action to take if any Wood Borers are found and help you to obtain the certificate as soon as possible. Don`t wait it might be the only thing holding up your sale.

Suburbs that are served include:

Umhlanga | Umhloti | Ballito | Westbrook | Salt Rock

When do you need an entomologist certificate?

An entomology certificate (or “EC certificate”) should be obtained if you are buying or selling a property. This is merely a property inspection to confirm that no wood-destroying insects are present. A South African Pest Control Association-registered entomologist is required to grant an EC, often known as a pest or beetle certificate.

 If an infestation is discovered during the home inspection a Get Pest Control partner in Ballito will offer a price for the work needed to solve the issue.

When the matter has been resolved, they will issue the EC certificate.

What is the purpose of a beetle certificate?

After beetles invaded homes in coastal areas in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s and caused major damage, the demand for a bug certificate became standard practice.

The woodborer insect can seriously compromise a building’s structural soundness, albeit the damage is not usually immediately apparent. In order to safeguard buyers and provide them with peace of mind when buying a new house, these EC certificates are now a requirement in most OTPs.

How long is a Beetle Certificate valid?

A beetle certificate is generally valid for a period of 3 months but once you have done an inspection and the property was found clean of any pests you can rest assured that you can most probably obtain a valid certificate by only doing the inspections if it has expired.

Are general pests included in the Beetle certificate?

No general pests are not included in the Beetle certificate but we will alert you if we find any. General pests are

  • Fishmoths
  • Lice
  • Bees
  • Cockroaches
  • Fleas
  • Ants
  • Flies
  • Birds
  • Rodents etc.

What insects are normally included in a wood borer certificate?

The Offer To Purchase contract will list all the insects that the property should be free of. These insects will vary from area to area.

Below we will list some of the insects often included in the OTP:

  • West Indian dry wood termitesPest and Beetle certificate
  • Brown house borers
  • Italian beetles
  • Common furniture beetles
  • Powder post beetles
  • False furniture beetles
  • Subterranean termites
  • Harvester termites
  • Any wood-destroying organism of economic significance in an accessible area

Professionally trained Beetle Inspectors registered with the SAPCA

Get Pest Control partners in Ballito are Certified Beetle Inspectors with the SAPCA ensuring the certificate validity.

The procedure for obtaining a Beetle Certificate.

All exposed and accessible timbers within a 50-meter radius of your home will be inspected by a qualified and certified inspector who visits your premises. If there are no indications of active infestations, we will give your clearance certificate without charging you anything more than the inspection price. If we find infestations, we’ll let you know about them and provide you with an estimate for what has to be done to get rid of them. If you accept the quotation, we will schedule an appointment for the treatment. When everything is done and the wood borers eliminated, we will free of charge provide your Beetle Certificate of Clearance.


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