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Do you have creepy crawlies running around your house or place of work? Does your office or home have any signs of faeces, skin sheds or insect eggs? Are your allergies acting up out of season?  If you said yes to any of these questions you are in serious need of a fumigation expert. When contacting Get Pest Control we will connect you with a trusted Fumigation Professional in Centurion.

Suburbs that are served include:

Centurion | Rooihuiskraal | Lyttelton | Zwartkop | Heuweloord | Erasmia | Clubview | Kloofsig

What is fumigation?

A hazardous chemical is introduced into a contained area during the fumigation procedure in order to completely fill the area and act on insects in a gaseous or vaporous condition.

A fumigant is a gas that acts as a pesticide. It normally cannot be seen and is often odourless. Fumigants are frequently confused with smoke, fog, mist, and other aerosol products. However, unlike fumigants, these aerosol insecticides emit relatively big particles or droplets. Since they are not gases, they are not real fumigants.

Fumigants can even penetrate seemingly solid surfaces like brick, concrete and wood. Fumigantes are unique and mostly an irreplaceable group of pesticides and can kill insects where other forms of pest control is difficult or impossible

Why do we recommend ant control?

Here are some reasons why we consider ant control essential for your property:

  • Some ant bites can cause excruciating localized pain
  • Some types of ants are venomous.
  • Contamination of livestock products and food is quite common.
  • Some ants can cause a lot of damage to your property and furniture.
  • Invasive ants can lead to a loss of goods.
  • Lack of prompt treatment can lead to a rapid increase in the number of colonies and increase the damage caused by the infestation.

The Most Commonly Used Fumigants:

  • Phosphine
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Methyl bromide
  • Hydrogen cyanide
  • Sulfuryl fluoride
  • Heat treatments

What pest can be fumigated for?

Most insects are susceptible to fumigants. Below we list some of the common pests eradicated during fumigation:

  • Cockroaches
  • Rodent / Mouse Control
  • Ant Control
  • Flies Control
  • Termites
  • Fleas Control

Business and Home Fumigation explained step by step

  • Preparing the Property – Your possessions are shielded from the fumigation procedure in this initial step. Furniture, food, and other valuable possessions must be covered with a tarp to keep them protected from the fumigation process.
  • Fumigation of the Property – A certified specialist will start the fumigation of the property after everything has been prepared. To completely purge the building of pests, gas is discharged into the affected region. To guarantee that the fumigation gas reaches all affected zones, the area is then confined. The duration of the area’s confinement depends on, What type of gas is used,  what pest is targeted and how advanced the infestation is. In extreme circumstances, the fumigation procedure could last a few days, during which time no one should approach or enter the area.
  • Restoring the Property to its original state -.Once we are sure the fumigation process is completed we will ventilate the property. All tarps will be removed and furniture will be moved to its original state. When we have determined that the air quality is satisfactory we will give the go-ahead for you to enter the property.

Container Fumigation

When exporting and importing products it is often required to fumigate the shipping container prior to entry or exit eliminating the spread of pests from one country to another. In some countries, they will require a fumigation certificate prior to port entry. Container fumigation is done by covering the container with a fumigation tarp and pumping the sealed area full of gas.

Silo fumigation

Silo fumigation is a cost-effective method to treat large amounts of grain products such as cereals, animal feeds and other food items within a contained vessel.

Below we list some of the advantages of silo fumigation.

  • Large quantities of food products, including cereals, grains, animal feeds, and other food items, can be effectively treated in a controlled space via silo fumigation.
  • The quality of the silos content is not lowered in any way.
  • Silo fumigation ensures that the final product will not be affected by insects and other pests in any way.

Cockroach Fumigation in Centurion

Cockroaches typically conceal themselves in crevices and dark areas that humans cannot always see. But when one cockroach is seen, it usually signifies that there are more lurking nearby. Given that fumigants can reach all areas of a sealed area this makes it perfect for all pests including cockroaches hiding in those hard-to-reach areas. For info on our other cockroach control city page

Professionally trained using certified Pest Control Techniques

Get Pest Control partners are Certified members of the SAPCA and utilize personnel trained to AgriSeta standards and are Registered Pest Control Operators with the department of Agriculture ensuring your Family´s and Pets´ safety.

If you are in need of a fumigation service contact Get Pest Control and we will connect you with a Certified Fumigations Specialist in your area.


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